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Create a full page screenshot of any website via world-wide proxy servers. GoFullPage without browser extension. Free online screenshot tool. Take screenshots from other countries. Fake your browser user agent and inject javascript on load.


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What is a Website Screenshot?

A simple screenshot covers everything what is currently visible on your screen. A website screenshot captures the contents of a website, even if it is longer than one Screen.

What is a Full Page Screenshot?

A simple screenshot covers everything what is currently visible on your screen. But websites usually have scrollbars and are longer than one screen. For websites specialized screenshot tools are needed to capture the whole website in one screenshot.

What is a Scrolling Screenshot?

To cover the full website content, an automated browser renders the website and scrolls over it's contents. While scrolling over the site the screen is captured and a full website screenshot is stitched together.

What are Screenshot Tools / Screen Capture Tools?

Screenshot tools are programs or services which captures your screen and saves images of it. Screen capturing and Screen shotting means basically the same thing.

Is there a Full Page Screenshot API?

Currently there is not screenshot API on But there are some great products out there offering such a screenshoting service. Check out following recommended website screenshot API providers.

Is a Free Website Screenshot Tool?

This tool is currently free and limited to just one screenshot per second. is a hobby project and all tools are free of charge currently.

How to take a Full Page Screenshot with Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge?

This screenshot tool uses Google Chrome under the hood to take your screenshot. For other browsers screenshot extensions are available in the plug in stores: Easy Screenshot (Firefox), Fireshot (Firefox), GoFullPage (Edge)

Microsoft Edge has a built-in full page screenshot function which can be activated by keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+S.