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Gender male
Firstname Burley
Lastname Lesch
Dob 1999-01-24
Zodiac Aquarius
Username burley.lesch
Password %k4=j:~4}]6@0("*
Phone +43 650 1661065
PhoneTelco T-Mobile Austria GmbH (telering)
Iban AT428862283120052662
Country Austria
Flag 🇦🇹
Language German
CurrencyName Euro
Iso AT
State Styria
Postcode 8061
City Sankt Radegund bei Graz
Street Diepoltsberger Straße
Number 4
Lat 47.18192
Lng 15.49232
Color RoyalBlue
Uuid 696bfd1a-f98a-3d82-8930-4e1d126e3759
Mac address 54:71:FB:03:4E:5B
Ip address